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Corporate Wellness

Yes, corporate wellness can mean more than a thirty minute talk at lunch time!  If you are serious about improving the health and wellbeing of your employees, look no further!



Dr. Appelmann is available to provide lectures (yes, even in the form of a lunch and learns) on a wide variety of topics.  If there is a particular health condition you feel your employees could benefit from learning about, or if you would like them to learn about options they can explore to improve their overall health, a 30 to 60 minute lecture can be provided!  Let’s discuss the topics that might best suit your employees needs!

Laughter Yoga


Dr. Appelmann is a certified Laughter Yoga leader!  Yes, laughter is truly the best medicine!  Attendees learn the history of Laughter Yoga, the benefits of laughter for the health of the body, and participate in a program of Laughter Yoga exercises.  Exercises are simple, therapeutic, and best of all, fun!  And once you’ve learned them, the exercises can be done anytime one likes!  No special equipment or attire is necessary, just comfortable clothes and a desire to feel great!

On-Site Clinics


If your company provides extended health insurance benefits for your employees (or employees have coverage through a spouse) which includes Naturopathic Medicine, and if your business has a room available for private consultations, then employees are on their way to becoming healthier and happier!  Of course, healthier employees mean greater productivity and less work missed!  Dr. Appelmann can see employees for a first visit assessment consultation and for follow up consultations right within the workplace!  There are a lot of people that would like to see a Naturopathic Doctor, but can’t find time within their busy schedules outside of work.  Here, Dr. Appelmann comes to you to help address your health concerns, and saves you from needing to schedule in time around work, during your busy family schedule.  Lets discuss how I can bring Naturopathic Medicine directly to your employees!

Contact me for more information at 905-827-7696 or

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