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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services covered by OHIP?
No.  However, if you have extended health benefits/insurance you may have coverage for Naturopathic Medicine, in which case you will be reimbursed through your provider for some or all of the fees paid for Naturopathic Visits.  Contact your insurance provider to find out how much coverage you are entitled to per year.
Do I have to pay for my visit if I have insurance or do you bill my health insurance directly?
I do not bill insurance companies directly, so payment is due by patients on the day of the visit.  Payment can be made in the form of cash or credit card.  Upon payment, a receipt is issued with all of the particulars your insurance company will need, and this receipt can be submitted by you for reimbursement.
Can I continue to take my prescribed medications as I work with natural therapies?
Yes.  Naturopathic medicine and complementary therapies are able to work with conventional medicine.  In the first naturopathic assessment visit I will learn about any medications or natural supplements that you are taking and work to ensure that any of my recommendations do not have negative interactions with your current medical regime (including medical treatments for cancer care such as chemotherapy and radiation).  I will also spend time to explain the risks/benefits of your current or suggested treatments and work to help you reach your personal health goals in a safe and effective manner.  Ensuring patient safety is at the forefront of my mind.
What age group do you work with?
I work with every age group, from infants to senior populations, for both general health care and for cancer care.
How many visits do I need to have?
The number and frequency of visits depends on each individual case.  At minimum, two visits are required (the first assessment visit, and a follow up visit to go through an initial plan of care and recommendations).  Beyond this it depends on how the patient would like to follow up.  If a patient wishes to only pursue nutritional and supplement recommendations, in general, follow up visits can range anywhere between every four to eight weeks depending on the patient’s case/needs.  If a patient wishes to utilize adjunctive therapies such as acupuncture, hydrotherapy or counseling, visits can be as frequent as every one to two weeks.
Do I need a referral to see you?
No.  A referral is not necessary to book an appointment with me.  Appointments can be made through email or over the phone.  See the contact page for all of my contact information or click here.
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