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Telemedicine appointments via secure video link or telephone are available. 

Contact us for more information.

Naturopathic Medicine encompasses a variety of treatment options, and depending on your individual needs, you may utilize one or many of these treatments.  Clinical nutrition, the use of therapeutic supplements, herbal medicine, acupuncture & traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, massage, reflexology and hydrotherapy are some of the options available.


All patients seeing Dr. Appelmann in Oakville Ontario for the first time undergo a 75-90 minute assessment visit (basically an information gathering session in order to learn as much as possible about you and your health concerns) which includes a thorough health history, a review of current health concerns, a review of current medications, a review of current therapies used and a physical exam. 

Recommendations are given on the second visit.  This visit and all follow up visits are approximately 1 hour in length.


Dr. Appelmann also regularly provides lectures, seminars and workshops on a variety of topics, whether about a particular condition, about a particular type of therapy or just about Naturopathic/complementary medicine in general.  If you have a group interested in learning about a particular topic, contact Dr. Appelmann for more information.


Dr. Appelmann can also assist your business with your Corporate Wellness needs. 

Click here or on the Corporate Wellness tab for more information!


Clinic Fees Schedule:

First Visit (up to 90 minutes)                       $245.00

Subsequent Visits (up to 60 minutes)       $160.00

Note: Most extended health benefits plans provide coverage for Naturopathic Medicine.  Call your provider to see how much coverage you are entitled to per year.

Appointments in Oakville: Wednesday to Friday 10am to 5pm

                                                   Saturday 11am to 3pm

*By appointment only*

Even though the majority of patients visit from local municipalities such as Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Mississauga, anyone is welcome to make an appointment, no matter where you reside!

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